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The 2017 Crop

Garlic cloves, garlic bulbs, shallots, and fingerling potatoes

Stan and Adeline Erkson, along with son Neal (April) and grandchildren, Vanessa and Colin, have been farming for more than 40 years.  Garlic and shallots are Stan's specialty and he is training the younger generations to continue to provide excellent quality and service.

We have been growing garlic since 1993 and are proud that our garlic has become known for its hardiness and taste.  Shallots were added in 2010 and have become a favorite of our clients.

Visit Products for information on the varieties of garlic and shallots we offer.  We encourage home gardeners to visit the Home Gardener page for useful tips.  Make sure to click on Order for the BEST garlic and shallots for growing and eating.

We're proud that everything we sell is grown on our family farm in the beautiful Mohawk Valley of upstate New York.


We grow GREAT Garlic and Shallots!

Photo by Vanessa Erkson. August 8, 2016

8/13/17:  What a fabulous crop!  The garlic is absolutely amazing this year!  Harvesting of the garlic is wrapping up and shallots will be next.  The flavor on the garlic is wondrous and the aroma - oh my!  Had a couple from NJ stop in today to hand-pick their bulbs - heard them discussing what was for supper - yum!  Come on over and get yours today!

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Some German White Garlic.  Most bulbs are 2" - 2.5" in diameter!  Wonderful crop this year!  The Saugerties Garlic Festival is September 30 - October 1.  We'll see you there!