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Bogatyr:   This is a new variety for us.  We tried it last year and replanted so that we have some to sell.  April said Bogatyr is very much like German White, but MUCH easier to peel!  Considered to be one of the hottest varieties of hardneck garlic, it's heat diminishes quickly to a wonderful garlic flavor.

​Elephant Garlic: ​These large heads are actually more closely related to leeks than to garlic.  They are very mild in flavor and are preferred by those who wish to have a taste of garlic without being overwhelmed.  They also make excellent roasters that will give you just a hint of garlic flavor.

​Turkish Giant: ​This variety is beautiful with its purple stripes and bright red bulbs.  It also has a strong, full-bodied flavor and stores very well.  This garlic is an excellent variety for cooking and for those who value a potent garlic flavor.

​Some garlic hanging in the wind tunnel to dry


Garlic and Produce

​Spanish Roja: ​This garlic offers eight to twelve cloves per bulb that pack a mighty heat!  The fantastic flavor cooks well and develops deep and robust.  For those who love a strong garlic, this one will suit you well.

Garlic Varieties and Descriptions

​Russian Red: ​This rocambole garlic was imported from Russia in the early 1900's.  It offers a hot garlic flavor that develops into a superb sweetness.  The large bulbs make excellent roasters.


German Red: ​This is a strong and spicy rocambole.  It has large heads that are satiny purple in color.  More potent than it's cousin German White, the German Red is for those that want a spicier garlic flavor.

German White: ​This hard-necked porcelain garlic has classic garlic flavor.  The large cloves and bulbs make it perfect for roasting, eating raw, or slicing and cooking.  It is a favorite among chefs and garlic connoisseurs alike.