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Garlic, Shallots, and Produce

Alpha Garlic Farm

We have a 50 acre family farm in the beautiful Mohawk Valley of upstate New York where we've been growing garlic since 1993.  Our well drained soil, climate and abundant rainfall are ideal for growing.  We are now offering shallots as well and promise the same high quality.  We grow in a natural, highly organic manner and use no pesticides.

Our garlic is of the hard necked varieties - highly prized for flavor and hardiness.  We emphasize large, hardy bulbs in our growing - with large cloves that retain the garlic's medicinal and flavorful benefits.  Our garlic is of the highest quality and is appropriate for use for planting AND delicious eating. Our garlic varieties this year are: German White, Russian Red, Turkish Giant, and Spanish Roja.

We offer four varieties of shallots; French Red Shallots (Ambition) with its mild, rich onion flavor, Yellow Dutch Shallots with their creamy flesh and a more pungent flavor, Picador, and Echalon - also called banana shallots or shallions.  Banana shallots are a blend of onion and shallots and are very easy to peel and cut.  These are all easy to grow and will add delicious dimension to all your cooking (the Yellow Dutch also stores very well).  You might want to try all varieties to see which one you like best!

We also have several fingerling potato varieties: French fingerlings, Austrian Crescent fingerlings, and the gorgeous purple (or blue) Magic Molly fingerlings.  Get these to compliment your garlic and shallot dishes!