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Alpha Garlic Farm

We have a 50 acre family farm in the beautiful Mohawk Valley of upstate New York where we've been growing garlic since 1993.  Our well drained soil, climate and abundant rainfall are ideal for growing.    We grow in a natural, highly organic manner and use no pesticides.

Our garlic is of the hard necked varieties - highly prized for flavor and hardiness.  We emphasize large, hardy bulbs in our growing - with large cloves that retain the garlic's medicinal and flavorful benefits.  Our garlic is of the highest quality and is appropriate for use for planting AND delicious eating. Our garlic varieties this year are: German White, German Red, Turkish Giant, Elephant, and we are trying out Bogatyr.  Look on our order to page to see if Stan is letting us sell this unique variety!

Unfortunately, we have not been able to do shallots this year.  Busy family schedules and some health issues have forced us to take a year off, but don't worry - we'll be back with them next year.